About Us

Dinton with Ford and Upton Parish Council consists of 7 Councillors, a Clerk and a Responsible Financial Officer. The Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm in Dinton Village Hall (excepting August).

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and are given the opportunity to speak. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are elected annually by the Council. Councillors are elected every 4 years. The Clerk is a paid official of the Parish Council.

The main responsibilities of the Parish Council include:

  • Management of the Parish Field, Spinney and younger and older children’s playgrounds;
  • Management of grass cutting in a number of areas including the Dinton Parish Field and Village Greens
  • Management of bus shelters, Parish Council owned rubbish bins, dog bins and salt bins.
  • Commenting on Planning Applications and other consultation documents.
  • Attending the Local Area Forum to liaise with County Councillors and the police.
  • Liaising with District Councillors on District issues.
  • Conducting the Remembrance Day ceremonies in November at Dinton and Ford.
  • Producing a quarterly magazine, “The Bigg Issue” and distributing it to every household in the Parish.
  • Working with Ford Village Society in respect of their mobile Vehicle Activated Sign
  • Liaising with Cuddington and Dinton School on their travel plan.
  • Setting an annual precept and budget for management of Parish Council affairs.
  • Monitoring Parish Footpaths to ensure they stay in good repair.
  • Organising an annual parish litter pick.
  • Managing the Parish Council web site.

Contact us :

If you would like to contribute to our website or have any ideas how we can improve it please send an email to keithgray@dinton.org